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Shadowgrounds has received great previews and reviews from all over the world.

(English) previews
Selected quote
Amped IGO PC "Props to Frozenbyte and Meridian4 for remembering that fun is what it's all about." "This one is absolutely worth checking out"
WorthPlaying "My first impressions of Shadowgrounds have been just about completely positive [...] I think Shadowgrounds out-"Dooms" Doom 3"
GamerFeed "This is one helluva fun "old school" styled game with some cutting edge beauty and grace"
IGN PC "I had several fellow editors pass by my desk and stop to ask me what I was playing, and a few of them sat there and watched for a few minutes, instead of just walking away, which is a good sign that I'm not off my rocker. We see so much stuff come through this office that it takes something special to catch your eye." "Music varies from a scary, dark "storm in the wilderness" style, to super-Euro guitar rock as you launch into combat, and the effects all sound good."
GameZone "Shadowgrounds offers up a great sense of atmosphere and mystery in an engaging shooter package."
GamesFirst! "Best of all is that all of the weapons you pick up are useful. [...] [Shadowgrounds is] a surprisingly good game that all fans of the genre should have on their list."
GameVortex "Looks like a fun and addictive gameplay experience"
The Gamers Temple "If you have an itch to blast your way out of a no-win situation ala Aliens, Shadowgrounds just might provide you with that well-needed scratch..."
GamePlasma "The game controls even better with a game pad. [...] the mouse and keyboard are just as responsive and the game is highly playable with either setup."

Some reviews from Finland
Magazine: PELIT 12/2005 90%
Magazine: MikroBitti 1/2006 87%
Magazine: PCpelaaja 2/2005 December 82% (English summary) 81%
TV Show: Play 4/5
SmacktheJack 4/5 8/10

Some reviews from Germany
X-Zine Extrem Gut, 6/6
PC Spiele Magazin 88% 86%
Game7 84% 8.4
GamesUnit 5/6
Gamershall 83%
Game 81%
Ich Spiele 81%
Krawall 80%
Gameswelt 80% 80%
Magazine: GameStar 80%
Magazine: PC Action 76%
neXGam 7.5

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