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Now that the Level Editor has been released, there will soon be new missions and mods that can be played. A partial list will be provided on this page.

Please also read How to launch mods.

Sample Mod
Click for a larger image This sample mod includes the sample mission that is also included in the Level Editor package. This version is meant for gamers who want to test how to run Shadowgrounds mods.

Size: 1.5 MB

Downloads: Direct link

Baxter's Sacrifice

In this mod you play through the career of Lieutenant Dan Baxter as he works his way up through the military and is eventually stationed on Ganymede in charge of secret IGTO operations.

Official website (Currently down)

Status: Active(?) development, early phases

Downloads: no downloads yet

Launcher Mod support
How to launch mods

The Shadowgrounds Launcher has been updated in the 1.04 patch. This means that you will be able to launch mods.

Simply start the Shadowgrounds Launcher, select the mod from the drop-down box, and activate the mod. The Launcher will relaunch itself (it will not save the settings before relaunch). Now you can launch the game and the mod will be playable. From the game menus, choose New Game and the mod's first mission is loaded.

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