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is an epic action experience combining modern technology with addictive playability.

Devastating weapons and extensive weapon upgrades

Realistic lighting effects

11 exciting missions taking place on various battlegrounds

Thrilling sound effects and acclaimed soundtrack

Old-school attitude, modern graphics (including the awesome flamethrower!)

  Excellent budget-priced game

Available on Steam
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North America (via Meridian4)
International (UK, DE, FR etc.)

Shadowgrounds games for Linux   21 September 2009
Both Shadowgrounds games are now available for the Linux platform. You can find them over at Linux Game Publishing (Shadowgrounds & Shadowgrounds Survivor).

Shadowgrounds Survivor revealed   12 June 2007
Frozenbyte has revealed Shadowgrounds Survivor, a spin-off/sequel to Shadowgrounds. Read more about it at the official Shadowgrounds Survivor website, talk about it at the forums and stay tuned for more updates!

Shadowgrounds new online channels   7 February 2007
Shadowgrounds has been released on many online distribution channels for only $19.95! In addition to Steam, there's now also Direct2Drive, Manifesto Games and to name a few.

Shadowgrounds walkthrough   29 January 2007
There's a new Shadowgrounds walkthrough at GameFAQs, written by ZedPower. It's very thorough an a recommended read if you're stuck in the game, or want to see some alternative tactics.

Shadowgrounds Soundtrack officially available   14 December 2006
The Shadowgrounds Soundtrack is now officially available! The record is distributed by Sumthing Else Music Distribution in North America, and Frozenbyte is selling it directly to gamers outside North America. Check it out!

Patch 1.05 released   7 September 2006
A new patch for Shadowgrounds has been released, featuring version number 1.05. The patch fixes minor issues and is recommended for all users.

In other news, the Message Board will come back within a few days.

Shadowgrounds Soundtrack now available!
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